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The new EcoMarine "Roll-Up" Dock Rack doesn't sit on the dock at all. This ingenious rack side-stores over the water like a dock fender. In fact, this rack even functions as a dock fender when loaded with a soft-bottom inflatable. Best of all, your kayak, dock tender or SUP effortlessly launches from storage into the water with a "flick of the wrist", and rolls back into the rack just as easily with the help of an ingenious winch system. Dock Rack package includes dock-mount brackets, bright-polished stainless steel stanchions, stainless clamps, attach hardware, and a "crank up" winch. All parts are constructed from corrosion-free architectural-grade PVC and 304 grade polished stainless steel. PVC parts are aluminum-cored for strength and durability. The new DR200 Dock Rack V2.0 is shipped with winch straps to accommodate all floating docks.

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Roll-up Dock Edge Kayak Rack V2.0$389.95
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