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Sportsracker is Prototyping a Portable Kayak Davit

Launching and retrieving a 60 lb kayak from a boat deck is never easy, especially if you are single handed. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a portable rail davit that could do the work for you? The Sportsracker rail-mount kayak davit system is being prototyped as we speak.

One of the biggest complaints of boaters is uncontrolled kayak swinging during a deck launch, particularly if there is any wind or wave action. The new kayak rail davit solves this problem; it uses a stabilizing double halyard system attached to the kayak fore and aft. And forget leaning over the rail grasping a line to horse the kayak up or down. The rail davit employs a crank system that does the work for you. You just mount the davit to any rail or stanchion and attach the davit harness to your kayak. Snap the two hoist halyards to the harness and you’re ready to launch.

The rail kayak davit should be in production this fall and will sell in the $300 price range. Compare that with the $500-$800 price tag for existing single halyard davit systems currently available.

Dock Edge Racks Over Water Storage Retrieval System Dock Fender Profile Approx. Cost, $
Dock Doctors No No No $462
Dock Craft Yes Yes (Pivot) No $289-$449
Davit Lifts No Yes (Winch) No $1030+
EcoMarine Roll-up Yes Yes (Winch) Yes $299.95