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All Sportsracker products are built with fail-safe high-quality stainless steel parts, right here in the U.S.A. We don’t “mass produce” our racks abroad and you won’t find Sportsracker in “big box” stores. We can price our racks low even with high-quality materials because we ship directly to you without middlemen wholesalers & retailers.

Kayak Racks for Boats, Yachts, & Docks

feathering rack low outboard profile demo

New Fishing Kayak Equipment Targets Boaters

The compact Bay Boat Kayak & Gear Rack is the best fishing kayak equipment breakthrough in decades. It mounts on ‘runabout’ style boats like Boston Whalers. This amazing rack carries fishing gear like nets & rods and opens wide to hold fishing kayaks. All EcoMarine’s feathering boat rail kayak racks narrow for smaller loads like boards & open for wider loads. And feathering racks virtually disappear when folded to the rail! Sportsracker’s feathering design reduces your outboard profile when docking or handling lines and sheets... and you can safely carry heavier loads with less strain on your stanchions and rails.

All EcoMarine’s feathering kayak racks width-adjust to fit to any load. The new SR/LR-W top-rail swing rack for kayaks & SUP’s also flips up & away from your topsides. Now you can clear your topsides for docking, cleaning, and haul-outs, all without removing your racks!

swing rack topside access demo
swing rack easy docking demo


Dear Mike,
Thank you for our kayak rack. Knew immediately when I opened the box that this was the rack for me! No other rack out there even comes close. We’ve had your rack for several years now, mounted on the aft deck rail, and love it. Thank you! Thank You!
Pat and Gail
Pat & Gail’s kayak rack
Folding & Feathering Steel Kayak Racks for all Boats
exploring with EcoMarine kayak racks
  • top rail mount flip rack with kayak

    Top Rail Flip Rack
    (Model SR/LR-W)

    Position your kayak high or low on the rail. Flips to deck or rail side. Self adjusts to any width load. Folds to the rail when unloaded.
  • sailing with stanchion mount swing rack

    Stanchion Swing Rack
    (Models SS100 & SS125)

    These ‘smart racks’ rotate around the stanchion to grip both wide kayaks & paddle boards equally well. Better visibility from the helm too!
  • fishing equipment kayak rack folded

    Run-About Kayak Rack
    (Model SR/LR-B)

    This kayak rack is designed for smaller craft like dory’s, whalers, & other “runabout” style boats. Carry fishing kayaks and gear off the decks!
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EcoMarine racks are built to last with polished all-stainless steel parts.

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